Playing With Fire   2 comments

Ok I have not had the time to be on here for awhile, and have had several adventures that I would like to tell you all about but for right now I am going to stick to something I have been very passionate about. I have been a volunteer for the West Pend Oreille Fire department for the last 13 years and recently have started trying to get pictures when out on scene. I have gotten a few over the last couple of years that I liked but love how these last ones turned out.

This was taken on a 60×60 shop fire. There were 2 large fuel tanks under ground, 3 vehicles and a very nice boat inside. There was several pieces of equipment in it as well. I was lucky enough to get to walk around with the fire and insurance investigators while they attempted to find out what started this fire, and could see myself one day tryig to get into fire investigation.  I learned a lot from both of these guys, but unfortunatly they were not able to find a cause of this fire. There were several ideas of how it may have started and no signs of arson.



Hope you all enjoy these pictures and if you would like to see the rest of these you can check out the page FIRE!!


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Regatta   Leave a comment

I have not been on here in awhile but my adventures have not slowed down. I figured I would start with my newest photo adventure. This weekend Priest River held its first annual Regatta. The local fire department put in a boat and a few of us sat near the round house just incase any of the boats got into trouble. Thankfully no one needed us and left me with a great photo oportunity. The racers were staggered and it lasted about 3 hours from start to finish. The weather was perfect and the river was calmer than it usually is mid to late morning making for a wonderful day. I enjoyed this adventure and figured I would share it with you all, hope you enjoy!

    This is one of the single boat, I found for photo opps I like the single boat the best, but they had 1, 2, 4, or 8 people in each of the boats.

Next year I think I will skip the rescue boat and station my self somewhere near the finish line, we were in a great spot for capturing them coming down the river but not so great for the finish line!


 The rest of my pictures from this day will be in the Regatta Page check them out and let me know what you think of my pictures.



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Chasing Wildlife   Leave a comment

 I recently have been trying to get pictures of wildlife! This has not been as easy as some would think. This beautiful deer was sitting at the fence as I came home one day. As I came up the rd she stoped and let me snap a picture. She then went on her way down to the field, I got the bright idea to follow her. As I followed her into the field she would stop and look at me and snort a few times then take a few more steps. Unknown to me she had a fawn near where I was at, and when she decided I was to close she started stoping her feet. I turned around to leave her alone and she thought this would be a good time to chase me. Once she had chased me far enough away from her fawn she took off.

This cedar wax wing was another adventure in my front yard that I decided to try and capture. Her and her mate had been building a nest in my plum tree. I decided to try and capture her when she decided I was not allowed to be in the yard anymore! between the 2 of them dive bombing me from different directions they were sucessfull in geting me to retreat to the confines of my home. Now me being the hard headed person I am I stayed long enough to get a picture of both of them. She has sense finished her nest and I believe is sitting on eggs. She is now used to the fact that she does have to share the front yard now and lets me close enough to see her in the nest. I am hoping to get close enough to capture her and the babies in the near future.

 This  little one was my latest capture of wildlife and so much fun to take pictures of. On a walk just outside of town a friend and I stoped to watch this little one jumping and playing in a yard. After about 15 min of trying to be very quite the home owner walks up and says “if you want to pet her just stick your hand over the fence and call her”. After laughing we got her to come over and play a short game of peak a boo before coming over so we could pet her. The lady we had talked to works for a vet and has been bottle feeding this baby for about 2 weeks. She was brought in after mom had been hit by a car. She runs and jumps around in a fenced in yard for a few hours a day and it just happened to be play time when wandered by.  I thought this picture was to cute not to share!

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Timberfest 2011   Leave a comment

My small town has had Timber Days for as long as I can remember. Over the years the name has been changed and somethings added and some dropped, but it has always been a weekend of family and fun!

Night one kicks off with hot Neon lights car show..


Day 2 Kicks off with the parade through down town, followed up by lots of booths and fun in the park!  Managed to get stuck throwing candy this year so no pictures of the parade, but got a couple of nice ones while relaxing near a great shade tree in the park!


Day 3 kicks of the end of the festivity with a lawn mower race.


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Sunrise & Sunset   2 comments

I have always been a night owl and loved watching the colors of a sunset!


It was not till recently that I started to really apreciate the beauty of a sunrise!

As my shift changed at work and I was geting off just before sunrise I decided to hang out and see what I could capture. I was suprised to see the sky on fire on this wonderful morning.


I may always be a night owl but from now on I will try to catch as many sunrises as I do sunsets!

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Here We Go!   1 comment

 Ok here is my first attempt at this. As a new amature photographer I have been trying to find a place to show my photography. A friend recomended I start a blog about all my adventures, so here it goes!

My husband and have been taking drives for the last few years and I am always in awe of the beauty in my small little town. I was suprised on this trip to find this little guy standing in the field next to the road. He stayed there watching us for a few min. just long enough for me to snap a few pictures.

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